Taste of Entrepreneurship at 12BUS Market Day

09 Jun Taste of Entrepreneurship at 12BUS Market Day

On Thursday 2 June, 11 Year 12 businesses set up shop in the Hall at lunch and to sell their products to fellow students. Student stalls were swamped with potential customers from start to finish with some groups generating sales into the $200 – $300 range.

Products being sold included: anime-printed t-shirts, phone charms, power banks, keychains, polaroid photos, assorted jewellery, stickers, candles, and even hand-made reversible plushies!! With many teams selling out, some students missed out……BUT the good news is, we are doing it all again in Week 9!

Not only do the students have to cover the costs of setting up their stalls and producing their products with no guarantee of sales, but they also spend the weeks leading up to the market day preparing their detailed business plans with follow-up individual and peer review assessment. They truly need to be commended for their efforts.

Many thanks to all the staff and students who came along last week. Your presence makes all the difference for our teams and your purchases allow for our teams to break even and sometimes turn a nice profit. This is not possible without the support of the student and staff bodies – thank you!

If you have never experienced a Market Day before then be sure to come along on Tuesday 28 June when the same businesses will be selling improved versions of their products. Hope to see you there!

Dave Dunlop – Head of Department, Business

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