Race Relations Poster Competition

11 May Race Relations Poster Competition

Pakuranga College Cultural Council recently organised a Race Relations Poster Competition to celebrate Race Relations Day on 21st March. The poster was a tool to promote cultural diversity throughout the school community.

The winning poster was made by Ginny He and Wendy Xi from Totara House. Their house will receive a trophy, movie vouchers as their prizes and their poster design will be used as the promotional poster and ticket design for our annual Cultural Evening (which will be on 27 July). Congratulations Totara House, Ginny and Wendy!

Here is some more information about their design:

The poster was designed in a way to link up the cultural contexts and the spirit of our school. We got inspired by the previous poster so that we used the logo of Pakauranga College as a base or the main shape that we were working on.

We came up with an idea of using the shape of a blank koru (silver fern) and put it in the middle of the pegasus logo, it separates the logo into two sides. The left side to the logo had a red background, the other side had a blue background as these were the major colors on our national flag. We drew four red stars with white frames on the bottom right corner of the blue side which again symbolized our national flag. On the left side, we’ve got the map of our country in black and four side views of people in different color race. The faces were facing each other in order to represent  hongi, the very special and unique way of greeting in our Maori culture. The four colors means we have multiple races and cultures on our land.Underneath the Pegasus was a map of entire world, with the text “WE R ONE” overlapping.

We were trying to tell the idea that we have people from all over the world on this piece of land, even in pur school. Although we had different skin colors and different races, we are the same. We are who we are. We stand for ourselves. We stand for our culture. We stand for the nation.

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