Nuclear Disarmament

16 Feb Nuclear Disarmament

One arm up,
Two arms down.
Pure white feathers
On a pale blue sky.
I skim the pebble along still water
Threading together strings of daisies.
I remember a time
Before I watched the world cave-in
And cool water
Travelled down my throat
And hit the walls of my stomach.

One arm up,
Two arms down.
Dirty dishrags
On a dusty brown floor.
I count the stitches on my clothing
The liquid stain that paints my humanity.
I remember a time
When the snow was just that
And we stood and we watched
The ashes fall down
And taint us forever.

One arm up,
Two arms down.
A bright yellow sun
Is blinding my eyes.
I shield them from pain
The damage is done.
I remember a time
When we lived happily
Without a war
Now they live happily
During a war.

One arm up,
Two arms down.
Nuclear disarmament.

Cerys Gibby – Year 10

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