Hard Work Creates Talent

30 Mar Hard Work Creates Talent

Have you ever called someone talented or gifted? We live in an achievement-obsessed world that is quick to slap these labels on us, but the reality is that we must work hard to achieve our goals. 86% of self-made millionaires made their fortune on their own. They made their own sacrifice. Their own creation. Mum and Dad did not offer them any handouts. They were not born into an affluent family. They didn’t strike it rich or win the lotto because of their outstanding ability. The vast majority of them came from low-income families and worked tirelessly to attain their goals. Hard work, in my opinion, is essential for students’ development. You can’t create talent without putting in the hard work and commitment. Talent, you see, has nothing to do with success, and it has nothing to do with achievement. By putting forth the hard work, you develop your own talent. 

Stephen King once said “Talent is cheaper than table salt. A lot of hard effort separates the talented person from the successful one.” It’s all about having the right mindset. To put it another way, what do you think is achievable, and what are you willing to sacrifice to make your aspirations a reality? What are you willing to go through!? Are you willing to suffer and make sacrifices in order to achieve your goal? You won’t even try if you don’t believe it’s reasonable, and then you’ll declare it’s impossible!

It’s not a result of genetics, but of years of effort and perseverance. Deliberate practice is not mindless repetition; it is difficult and painful, and the more you do it, the closer you go to greatness. Achievement does not imply talent. You can have all the talent in the world, but you’ll never be great if your mind isn’t in the right place. If you’re a talented person who refuses to put in the effort, it’s only a matter of time before someone more ravenous eats you alive.

You have no control over where you begin your life, but you do have complete control over where you end up. You are responsible for your hard work and limitations, not your talents, genes, accomplishments, or luck. Put in the effort and nourish your intellect to achieve success. 

Many famous people in the world have come from humble beginnings and have achieved great success through hard efforts, such as Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling. J.K Rowling was on welfare before writing Harry Potter. Hard work and determination can lead to a plethora of opportunities. If you were planning to exploit your talent as an excuse… reconsider. Consider what you can do with your own work to push yourself to be the best you can, accept responsibility, and strive until you reach your goals.

“Hard work will always overcome talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” said Tim Notkay, a high school basketball coach. You will never achieve tremendous heights if you are not willing to put in the effort, if you are not willing to persevere through failure. You will see better outcomes if you constantly work hard, and as you receive better results, you will have a sense of what is achievable for you. There is no limit to how far you can progress and how much you can accomplish. The only limitations you have are those imposed by your own imagination.

Take action to improve yourself! What are you willing to go through? Are you willing to go through pain in order to achieve your goal? Are you willing to make sacrifices? 

We’ve all met someone who, despite having excellent test scores and attending the greatest institutions, never lived up to their full potential. And we’ve all heard stories about people who struggled in school but went on to have extraordinary lives of success, achievement, money, and happiness. So, what’s the deal? It’s because of hunger! Those who are willing to find a way to win regardless of the circumstances will find a way to learn, and find the most efficient route. Those who will not give up until they have reached the summit of their mountain! How eager are you to succeed? How hungry are you? I’m famished! Put in the hard work to create a talent and watch your empire grow.

Jhanu Ragunathan – Year 11

About Jhanu:

You either know who I am or you don’t. Hi! I’m Jhanu Ragunathan. I am a good listener who also enjoys creating art. Since I was a child, I have been immersed in the world of art. It was and continues to be my refuge because it makes me feel alive. Everything around me seems to be art, including architecture, the music we hear (including the birds), literature, dance, painting and drawing, and, of course, you. I call us humans “art” because we all have some sort of emotional strength that we express and that binds us together. As a result, art provides a means for us to express our emotions without having to talk about them. When I’m not making art, I’m usually hanging out with friends, watching TV series and movies, or reading a good old book.

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