Gina Calls the Tune at South Auckland Arts Competition

30 Jul Gina Calls the Tune at South Auckland Arts Competition

On 13th and 14th July, talented pianist Gina Gao stunned audiences at the South Auckland Performing Arts Competition.

On the first day of the event she came second in the 20th Century Class and on the second day, she came first for the 50th Jubilee Classical Award and also in the New Zealand Composer Class. 


Solo Recital

Not content with taking part in a major competition during her school holidays, Gina, who has been playing piano since the age of 5, also had her first solo recital held by her Music Academy: Pettman National Junior Academy of Music (PNJA). At this she performed a unique repertoire of various pieces from different time periods including baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary, as well as a New Zealand composer. Gina says: “I was very happy to see the audience enjoy my performance, and it made me just as inspired to work harder for my future events. Performances are always a magnificent learning opportunity for me.”

She adds, “I always find great enthusiasm in performing and as a pianist and my goal in life is to inspire people with my love and passion for classical music. I look forward to widening my knowledge and skills throughout my lifelong journey with the piano”.

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