Ethics Olympiad Conundrums

26 May Ethics Olympiad Conundrums

Wednesday 18 May provided a challenging opportunity for Alex Tee, Ashleigh van Gemst, Jordan Schuster, Oliver Cao, and Angela Liao to participate in the 2022 Australasian Ethics Olympiad. The Pakuranga College team worked together seamlessly with each other and other teams around Auckland, to develop their positions on a few challenging ethics conundrums. Cases for discussion included the medical brain drain, restorative practices vs punitive measures for adult offenders, personal harm during performance art, tearing down of offensive statues, legislation to prevent homophobic behaviours, and abstention from procreation as a form of protest against emotional pain experienced during life.

Our Eth-letes represented the college with humility and respect and received honourable mentions by the judges, who were facilitating sessions from Australia. Ka pai to this quick-thinking quintet.

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