Does It Follow You, Too?

01 Jun Does It Follow You, Too?

Do you remember me

as I remember you?

You must, 

for I saw the way you glared at me and

Felt the way our stomachs both turned

At the sight of one another.

Yet how am I to know

That you really glared?

And how am I to know

That you did not imagine me

Staring daggers into your soul

As I did for you?

And as the new words I imagined minutes before

Slip between the grips of my fingers,

Out of my poetic reach,

I mourn for them, and

I mourn for a time when my words were held 

Within my grasp.


I know that you see me, for our

Eyes painfully graze each other

As I am left with a childish wound

That I must sting with the ointment of reality:

Yes, there was a time when friendship blossomed around us

In branches of too many to count.

But while there was a time 

When the petals rested on my shoulders

And I thought that,

Just for a second,

That I could be beautiful, too,

I must remember

That the time when there were blossoms

And their petals fell on my shoulders

And I could have been beautiful;

The time when I was trusted with frail glass friendship

Was then, not today.


Yet even though I know this,

That the blossoms are now wilted and dead,

I still find their ghosts following me into daydreams.

And when these ghosts follow me into my heart,

I can’t help but ask you, my daydream,

Do they follow you, too?

And while the better half of my head tells my heart,

That these ghosts follow me, and only me

As our music pounds into my ears,

Bass, guitar and drums deafening my thoughts,

It follows me into my dreams, and

I can’t help but ask you, 

Do you remember me, and

Does it follow you, too?


Cerys Gibby

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