Pakuranga College Houses

Six houses, six whanau


Pakuranga College has six houses, each with its own Dean, Assistant Dean and House Captain. Each student’s house becomes his or her school ‘family’ for their time at the College.

Throughout the year, the College holds a number of competitive House events, such as House Arts, Athletics Day and Swimming Days. These provide great opportunities for teamwork and peer leadership, as well as some healthy inter-House rivalry.


Kauri (Mascot: lion, Colour: red)

  • Dean: Dean Keswell
  • Assistant Dean: Cindy Postles
  • Deputy Principal: Alison Taylor


Matai (Mascot: moose, Colour: purple)

  • Dean: Barbara Scott
  • Assistant Dean: Nelson Potter
  • Deputy Principal: Larraine Barton


Nikau (Mascot: knight, Colour: blue)

  • Dean: Colleen MacKay
  • Assistant Dean: George Emosi
  • Deputy Principal: Kreasen Kandasamy


Pohutukawa (Mascot: pirate, Colour: orange)

  • Dean: Zelda Hedder
  • Assistant Dean: Jitesh Sima
  • Deputy Principal: Billy Merchant


Rimu (Mascot: rhino, Colour: green)

  • Dean: Ellysa Mulcahy
  • Assistant Dean: Kurtis Tomkins
  • Deputy Principal: Nicola Jacobsen


Totara (Mascot: tiger, Colour: yellow)

  • Dean: Tom Lyall
  • Assistant Dean: Michelle Perkins
  • Deputy Principal: Lucy Tomlinson


At the beginning of every year, the Year 9 camp is held to help new students to transition smoothly into the school.


Each House, with Peer Support Leaders, Deans, House Leaders, tutor teachers and Year 9 students spend three days together at various outdoor venues establishing relationships and confidence through a variety of challenges.

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