An innovative and nurturing learning environment


For a general overview of learning at Pakuranga College, please read the Pakuranga College Prospectus 2023. You can also find out what Nigel Latta thought about our school in his documentary entitled ‘School Report’.


Our college provides a very special learning environment. It is focused on developing outstanding citizens who are moral and respectful. We place an emphasis on ownership of learning and being actively involved so that our students are well equipped to succeed in the future.


Students are encouraged to be interactive with teachers, technology and their peers to develop real understanding and, most importantly, to apply their knowledge to problem-solving. Rather than becoming repositories of knowledge, we expect students to find out, investigate and create solutions using the many resources around them.


At Pakuranga College, we have high expectations for our students that relate to all aspects of school life. We believe that young people are more likely to succeed when they develop self-management skills and have the opportunity to show leadership in all of their endeavours.


College Rules & Expectations


Pakuranga College prides itself on providing a student centred learning environment. The philosophy that underpins our Learning Charter and every facet of daily life in the school places students at the centre of our thinking.


The key messages of the Learning Charter are as follows:


Learning happens when we:

  • STRIVE – for our personal best
  • CONNECT – make connections
  • CREATE – be curious and make discoveries
  • REFLECT – question and think
  • RESPECT – build positive relationships


We value student voice highly and have developed structures throughout the school for students to provide feedback and direction on what happens in classrooms and around the school.

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