Curriculum & Qualifications

An innovative and flexible curriculum


We offer an innovative and flexible curriculum designed to provide both breadth and depth. Our philosophy of learning is based around building a curriculum designed to meet the learning needs on every student.


Senior students meet with their subject teachers every day for one hour. This significant amount of daily tuition helps to ensure depth and academic rigour in all courses of study.


Find out what Nigel Latta thought about our learning programmes here:

Nigel Latta Documentary


At Pakuranga College we are committed to NCEA. This qualification provides rigorous and valid information about student achievement and enables our students to access universities around the world.


All students are encouraged to achieve Excellence, which is now recognised through endorsement certificates at each level, and in each course.


NCEA is based on the principles of ‘standards based assessment’ This means that a student’ s achievement is assessed against standards, rather than another student’s performance. Most progressive countries are moving to standards based assessment, because it provides much more explicit information about achievement.


Engaging students in real world contexts for learning is an important part of how we deliver the curriculum at Pakuranga College. Students participate in a range of events, trips, activities and camps to enrich learning for everyone.


Pakuranga College is a national leader in eLearning. Find out about our eLearning programme here.

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