The Arts is an area where Pakuranga College has a very strong tradition. We have a dedicated Arts Faculty at the college comprising of the four Arts disciplines of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. Students have the opportunity to take each discipline as a subject from Year 9-Year 13.


Each year the Arts Faculty put on a wide range of events and activities aimed at celebrating and promoting the Arts within Pakuranga College and the wider community.


The college also employs an Arts Coordinator, reflecting the importance that is attached to this area in the college. The Arts Coordinator works with staff and students to promote the Arts in the school and wider community and to initiate and provide opportunities in the Arts for staff and students.


We have a full Arts curriculum with regular public performances and exhibitions in Dance, Drama, Music, Band,Visual Arts, Design, Photography, Art History, Painting and Sculpture. Our co-curricular programme complements the academic curriculum. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the following Arts activities and groups.

  • Arts Council
  • School Production
  • Acting Master Class
  • Bring it On
  • Debating
  • Drawing Group
  • Junior Ceramics
  • Junior Drama
  • Model Making
  • Photography Club
  • PhotoShop Introduction Group
  • Public Speaking
  • Senior Painting
  • Shakespeare Players
  • Stage Challenge
  • Theatre Sports
  • Chamber Music Groups
  • Choirs
  • Concert Band
  • House Rock Bands
  • Jazz Band
  • Junior Rock Squad
  • Orchestras

Pakuranga College has a very strong tradition of student participation in cultural activities including running cultural sports, organising Culture Night and promoting cultural diversity and pride.


Some of the cultural groups students have the opportunity to be involved in are:


  • African Culture Group
  • Chinese Dance Group
  • Ettehad Cultural Group
  • Filipino Group
  • Indian Dance Group
  • Japanese Dance Group
  • Kapa Haka Group
  • Korean Drumming Group
  • Maori Culture Group
  • Samoan Dance Group
  • Tongan Dance Group

At Pakuranga College we actively encourage students to get involved in leadership. We believe that this is an essential skill for all students.


Leadership is not just about being Head Boy or Girl. Students constantly display leadership in their classes, with their peers, in sport and cultural activities. And there are many forms of leadership ... from the extrovert 'up the front' leader through to the quiet 'get things done behind the scenes' leader.


Our staff work hard to provide our students with a wide range of leadership opportunities, including:


  • Board of Trustees Representative
  • Student Executive
  • Committees and Councils
    • Academic Council
    • Arts Council
    • Cultural Council
    • Environmental Council
    • House Council
    • ICT Council
    • Maori Leadership Council
    • Safe School Council
    • Service Council
    • Sports Council
  • Head Boys and Girls
  • Houses and House Leaders
  • Interact Club
  • Sports Captains
  • Students Against Driving Drunk
  • Student Council


If you would like to find out more about leadership at the college, contact Mrs R Fullerton:

“Service with a Smile”


Service Council aims to help out around the school and in the community through different activities. We have over 150 dedicated members who have the opportunity to:


  • Help out with Random Act of Kindness Day on the first and last Friday mornings of term. This involves handing out lollies, blowing up balloons and writing inspiring quotes which are handed out to any student walking past.
  • Help out with Blood Day by collecting sign-ups, being a runner or handing out biscuits and drinks to those who have just donated.
  • Teach senior citizens how to use their phones for two days in the holidays.
  • Organise mufti days once a term with a theme for a chosen charity.
  • Volunteer for charity street appeals – a simple, kind and smiling face is often all it takes for the community to donate.
  • Faithfully raise and lower the New Zealand flag outside the school on most days (Junior students).
  • The list just goes on!

Pakuranga College has a strong tradition of student participation in making our school a better place to learn. Students have the opportunity to be involved activities including developing our student learning charter.


The school runs a range of fun events for students and teachers including;


  • The Amazing Race.
  • Are you smarter than your teacher?
  • Principal for a day.


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