Young Enterprise Trip

14 Feb Young Enterprise Trip

On Monday the 11 of February, Level 3 Business classes, led by Mr Dunlop and Mr Peel, attended the level 3 ‘Kickstart’ seminar run at AUT south campus as a part of the Young Enterprise Scheme that the students will be participating in throughout the year.

The idea of this ‘Kickstart’ seminar was to spark ideas for products or services that groups of students will be producing throughout the year. At kickstart, students were introduced to mentors who talked to them about their ideas and offered them support via mentoring and possible funding for the year. The Business groups were instructed to produce a product that has elements of sustainability and innovation tied into the product or business model. As a result of ‘Kickstart’, the Business groups now have a better idea of what to produce and how to produce it in order to maximise success in our final year of Business Studies.

by Anthony Hall – TPSN

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