Year 9 Wellbeing Survey

15 Mar Year 9 Wellbeing Survey

Pakuranga College continuously seeks way of improving the overall wellbeing of our students. Since wellbeing has many facets, improving students’ wellbeing in schools requires a whole-school approach that considers all aspects of our ākonga hauora (wellbeing).

We see wellbeing in schools as an essential function as adolescence is a critical period in the development of long-term attitudes towards personal wellbeing and lifestyle choices. The social and emotional skills, knowledge, and behaviours that rangatahi learn in the classroom help them build resilience and set the pattern for how they will manage their physical and mental health throughout their lives.

Pakuranga College has partnered with GoodSpace Schools Ltd. to support an integrated and personalised response to the wellbeing needs of our school as part of a school-wide wellbeing programme. This includes the completion of a wellbeing screening survey for all Year 9 students between Week 7 and Week 10 of Term 1.

Any students with identified needs will be provided a personal care plan based on their responses with students of higher needs prioritised. The care plan may include referrals to validated self-help tools, signposting to local NGOs, peer group wellbeing sessions during Term 2 and 3, individual sessions with the team at Waiora House and for some students, a coordinated response including whānau may be put in place.

Jennie Valgre, HOD Guidance and Hauora and I oversee the programme with the support of the Hauora team at Waiora House. The utilisation of these screening tools is part of our school’s ongoing commitment to supporting the overall well-being of our students, which in turn enhances their learning and we’d like to thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennie Valgre by email on

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