Year 9 Camp Report

28 Feb Year 9 Camp Report

Year 9 Camp is a fundamental part of helping our Year 9 students to settle in to their new life at Pakuranga College. It is also a great opportunity for senior students to demonstrate leadership.

The most fun thing was the flying fox. It really helped me to tackle my fear of heights! I made some new friends and I think camp really helped me to get settled in my year. Jaden Martin, Year 9

All the activities were really fun and it helped the Year 9’s to become more comfortable with high school life. It was the best experience! Lani Graham  – Year 13, Peer Support Leader

Year 9 camp was my first ever real camp trip and it was amazing. I met new people and made lots of friends. I wish I could do it all over again! Anuchka Taljaard, Year 9

Year 9 camp was the best camp I have ever been to. I had never done some of the activities before and I had the most fun. The best part was exploring new things and making new friends. Faith Chang, Year 9

Camp was a very fun experience. It was a great way to make new friends and connections, and a very fun way to explore new things and face your fears. Erika Cozma, Year 9

The Peer Support Leaders made camp ten times better! Joseph Morrow, Year 9

It was great! Camp was a chance to develop my relationships with everyone: the Year 9’s, the other Peer Support Leaders and the teachers as well. Fravash Irani – Year 13, Peer Support Leader


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