Biology Zoo Trip

13 Aug Biology Zoo Trip

On Wednesday 5th August, 125 Biology students visited Auckland Zoo. This is part of their course requirement and also reinforces their learning towards externals taken in November later this year.

The students had the chance to have a closer look at different primates skulls and compare them to a human skull. They were also able examine the skeletal differences between primates and humans, and link these differences to their advantages in both primates & humans.

Out of Africa

The students then had a guided tour through the Africa section of the Zoo. Here, the educators at the zoo were explaining animal behaviour rituals of the lions, flamingoes, niyalas, zebras, and many more other animals present in the Africa section. This was a great revision exercise for the material learned earlier in the year and during lockdown.

Following that we had the pleasure of watching spider monkeys being fed, as well as visiting the other animal encounters. Students were able to put the theory they have been learning into practice by observing the animals interacting with each other. The trip was truly the highlight of the Year 13 Biology course.

by Nora Jawad, Science Faculty


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