Year 13 Business Studies goes to KICKSTART

07 Mar Year 13 Business Studies goes to KICKSTART

Recently Pakuranga College’s Year 13 Business Studies class, had the opportunity to attend the The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme’s, KICKSTART Conference. Here’s what one of our students Tessa Vujasin had to say about it.

Hello I’m Tessa and as a Year 13 Business Studies student, I appreciate and welcome any help that is given to me and my group so that we can succeed to develop and expand our business ideas into a successful product. That is the initial reason for taking Year 13 Business, to learn about different ways to lead your business and about things that a young entrepreneur has to know before starting up and leading the business to a hopeful pathway of a success. As a part of that development Year 13 Business Course has partnered up with Yes- The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme.

To start thinking like business students, the Foundation held a KICKSTART Conference, on Monday, 19th of February 2018 at the Vodafone Centre. The conference consisted of public speakers talking about all of the different things needed for the development of our products. Things like innovation, sustainability, introduction of different mentors and the discussion about possible pathways a good product might lead the group, possible prizes and similar. There were lots of young entrepreneurs who were willing and in some ways able to jump on board and help the groups with mentoring them. That meant getting advice and directing them. The KICKSTART conference is there to help young Business students with launching their idea off the ground and giving them that extra push to ensure a successful business year.

We are all very grateful for the opportunity and the platform that has been given from the conference.

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