Year 12 KATTI Day

13 Aug Year 12 KATTI Day

On 5th August, a group of eight Year 12 Māori students went to Manukau to participate in Kei a Tātou te Ihi (KATTI) Day. This year the theme was ‘Leadership’.

KATTI Day presented a range of skills that I can use to become a better leader of tomorrow. I was able to develop personal skills like trust, communication and confidence which was heavily tested as I was thrown into an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people.

The event changed my perspective of my own capabilities. I learned that there is no age limit to leadership and a good leader can come from anywhere at any age. Being surrounded by Māori people helped me find comfort as it’s something we all have in common, which evidently proved to be a good conversation starter, especially when it comes to which Iwi is better.

by Baylin Paraha, Year 12

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