Year 11 Accounting Trip

24 Jun Year 11 Accounting Trip

On 17th June, both Level 1 Accounting classes had the opportunity to travel to the Pakuranga Bowls Club to learn how a community organisation handles its financial and non-financial information.

The President of the club, Tere Brunton, introduced himself and educated us on the Club’s history. The classes had already prepared a list of questions to ask about the financial situation of the Club and how they run the organisation. For example, how it was was affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns and how they were planning on merging with other clubs around the area to gain popularity and attract more potential members.

Afterwards we learnt how to play bowls on the artificial greens, which was a really enjoyable experience. Through our trip we gained a better understanding of how a club functions.

We would like to thank Pakuranga Bowls Club for giving us this opportunity to learn more about community organisations and get first- hand experience of playing bowls. Be sure to check out Pakuranga Bowls Club on their social media: Instagram – @pakurangabowls

Facebook – Pakuranga Bowls Club

by Lin Swe-Hlaing, Sabrina Chi, Disha Kumar, Valentina Balykina & Aaminah Ali, Year 11

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