Year 10 Soft Sculpture

03 Dec Year 10 Soft Sculpture

In a recent project Year 10 Art students explored the arrangement of geometrical shapes to design sea creatures that could be used for quilting. The class was encouraged to experiment with using layers of washes to create different effects for their art works.

The project offered opportunities for students to develop their practical art making skills, as they learned and refined painting techniques.

The final quilts are now on display in the school library.


This projects was great fun, having to make sea creature out of polygon shapes, painting them and then stitching them up to make what they are now. It has been fun doing this project and being able to have the freedom to pick which sea creature and colour for my art work. I chose cold colours that worked well with the sea animal theme. I enjoyed working on them and the end result of having all our art works together looks good. Kaden Anderson, Year 10

In Term 3, our art class had the opportunity to do quilting. The entire process was very enjoyable and therapeutic, and we were able take these pieces home with us to sew them. The finished artwork looks incredibly cool and I can’t wait to see it inside the library each time I visit. Reese Ferrer, Year 10

This year’s art curriculum was especially enjoyable with quilting since we could incorporate our ideas together as a class and express our own creative ideas together. Although the process was a bit messy, the final product was an organic representation of both mistake and art. Angela Liao, Year 10






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