World Vision Youth Conference

09 Apr World Vision Youth Conference

On 21st March, nine members of the student group INTERACT attended the World Vision Youth Conference.



It was a huge privilege as INTERACT executives to be invited to attend the World Vision Leadership Conference. It was a day of listening, learning and sharing our opinions.When we arrived, we saw eager students from all over Auckland who were ready to learn. It was such an exciting day, especially for the Pakuranga College executives who were ready to be inspired, to inspire and make a change at our school.


As we settled down into our seats, four speakers came onto the stage, one of whom was a former Pakuranga College student, Julie Zhu! Each speaker talked about leadership within ourselves and our schools. A key message we learnt was that it is never too late to change and that we, as young leaders, are the ones that are capable of initiating change. We learned that this is our world and we are the future. We can help and empower others as long as we have passion.


After listening to each of the speakers, all of us felt so motivated and had a sense of drive that led to the flowing of ideas. This in turn will hopefully lead to a successful and driven World Vision fundraiser this year – the 40 Hour Famine! We are encouraging our Pakuranga College community to join us on 7th -9th June in giving up something they love for 40 Hours, while raising funds for the South Sudanese refugees who have been displaced due to conflict.

by Wid Al-Rufaie (Yr 12)


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