What’s the Meaning of Life?

16 Feb What’s the Meaning of Life?

My 13 years on this planet have been a little confusing. I have learned of countless aspects of life from which one can attract meaning if such meaning can be drawn. I have additionally learned that there can be no singular meaning of life to define us all, or even any part of us. What I have learned first of all is that trying to put words to the meaning of life is a mission of absolute absurdity.

This is not to be confused with the thought that life has no meaning, for life definitely has meaning. However, there’s no single meaning of life to be defined – life is diverse for us all. Therefore, instead of clarifying life for a whole planet, I shall try to elaborate on what life intends as I witness it, and why this shows that life is a complicated twist of suffering, laughing, and learning all merging to tell a great story – or many great stories. Based on this view, I would say that it is not the end goal or outcome of life that gives life meaning but rather the quality of the story, the quality with which one lives out and develops his or her role.

At the time, this event appeared rather insignificant and did not constitute remembrance. However, its catastrophic effects on my attitude that evening may have assisted to mold me into the person I have become. I learned that suffering through such an event, as childish as it was, is fairly important in any life. Such inconveniences are components of an interminable cycle and only produce balance in one’s life. In spite of my unsightly time spent that evening, the laughter carried since the incident is a distinguished tradeoff. Laughter is an all too important operation of life, just like suffering and the wide range of other emotions. Some thinkers would emphasize the importance of sophistication in humour, but other people would say that laughter itself is what is important. Whatever the case may be, laughter is an ingredient in life, and must not be taken for granted nor ignored.

Kaitie Ellis – Year 10

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