Visit by U.S. Diplomat

04 Apr Visit by U.S. Diplomat

U.S. Diplomat, Dan Scott, came into the College on Friday 29th March to talk to our senior History students about U.S. history and values, and how to forge a career in the diplomatic service.

Mr Scott highlighted the importance of curiosity, having an interest in current affairs and pointed out how we sometimes arrive at a career having followed a rather circuitous route. He was also able to share with the students a number of interesting history facts. For instance, did you know that in order to become President, a US citizen must be at least 35 years of age? The oldest US President, when sworn into office, was Donald Trump: 70 years!

We would like to thank Mara Hosoda Su’a, Senior Public Affairs Specialist (U.S. Consulate General Auckland), who arranged this visit.


by Dr Davison, Head of History and Classical Studies


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