US Consulate Visit

05 Nov US Consulate Visit

Earlier this Term, we were delighted to welcome Amy Simms, a Foreign Service officer, to the College to talk to Year 9 Social Studies students about democracy and the US election system.

It was perfect timing with the Presidential election just days away. Ms Simms also talked about the life of a diplomat and the challenges of shifting countries every two years and the need to very often learn a new language. Fluent in Russian, Ms Simms was also able to tell the students about how she entered the Foreign Service, including its challenging entrance exam.

At the end, there was time for a lively question and answer session. Year 9 Social Studies student, Elay Farmand said that she “found it interesting how the voting system works in America and how it is different to New Zealand.” She also found it interesting that “diplomats get to travel around the world and work with lots of new people.”

Thank you to Sean Palmer from the US Consulate who organised the visit and accompanied Ms Simms. The Social Sciences Faculty have a long-standing learning relationship with the Consulate and we are always impressed with the generosity of their staff in finding time to take part in these out-reach visits.

by Martyn Davison, Social Sciences Faculty


Students in photo:

Left to right – Elay Farmand, Amber Ho, Angelika Timofeeva, Mehtab Sekhon, Ethan Holder, Alex Belov.

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