The uniform shop is on school grounds with access from Pigeon Mountain Road, adjacent to Gate 1. It sells new and second-hand school uniforms, including uniforms for physical education and sports teams.


All items of uniform are only available from the SAS Uniform Shoppe (except shoes). A lay-by system is available.


Please ensure you have purchased the correct size before starting school.


Students may only sell items of uniform through the shop if signed consent is provided by a parent or caregiver.


  • Regular Uniform Shop Hours 
    3 –  6 pm     Monday – Thursday
    9 – 12 noon Friday
  • Uniform Shop Hours Summer Holidays 2020/21
  • Email: pakurangashop@sas.co.nz
  • All items of uniform are available exclusively from the SAS Uniform Shoppe adjacent to Gate 1, Pigeon Mountain Road


Illustrated Uniform Guide

Uniform Price List

Girls’ Footwear Guide 

Boys’ Footwear Guide


UNIFORM CODE: It is important to wear the College uniform correctly. Please read the uniform code here.

Please note carefully that with the exception of shoes, all items of uniform should be purchased from the school uniform shop only. Do not be misled into purchasing trousers which are not school uniform style, colour or fabric.


Garments must not be homemade or made by any firm other than the Pakuranga College uniform suppliers.

Should incorrect items of uniform be worn, Deans will remove these and return them at the end of the week. If incorrect uniform items are not removable and no note is received, parents will be contacted. Students will be expected to be in correct uniform the following day.

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