Trees for Survival

29 Aug Trees for Survival

At the beginning of August 16 members of the Environment Council planted 600 trees in the Whitford area as part of ‘Trees for Survival’. The day was the culmination of a year’s work in growing the trees from tiny seedlings. Along the way the plants managed to survive the water being cut off by the builders in the middle of summer. The plants survival was only possible because of the dedication of the Environment council who watered the plants twice a day for two weeks. A huge effort.

So, it was with great pleasure that we were able to plant the trees in their new home and they can help reduce erosion, provide a habitat for the local animals and of course do their bit in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

I want to say a huge thank you to the team and Mrs Davies for all their hard work in sometimes tricky conditions. The team includes:

  • Cheng, Kent
  • Dam, Dione
  • Dykes, Isaac
  • Kaur, Jazz
  • Leong, Sue Lynn
  • Madden-Snoad, Hannah
  • Menezes, Levi
  • Menezes, Simon
  • Moir, Anna
  • Pye, Jenna
  • Roets, Kylee
  • Rowley, Fletcher
  • Schulz, Juliet
  • Sengers, Daniel
  • White, Isabella
  • Wilson, Phoenix
  • Wing, Gabrielle

Thanks again, you were all amazing!

by Kelvin Goodall, Science Faculty

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