Tough Guys and Girls

06 Jul Tough Guys and Girls

On Friday 30th June, three senior PE classes travelled all the way out to Helensville, to compete in the ‘Secondary Schools Tough Guy/Gal Challenge’, a 6km mud run with all sorts of obstacles; from crawl-tunnels, to muddy streams to barbed wire, and even some electrified wires!

We had all been training hard over the past weeks, and this hard work paid off with some strong finishes from many of us. The event’s purpose was to help assess us for the NCEA standard: Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting. Our overall times in relation to the average times of all competitors will determine we will achieve this standard with Excellence, Merit, or Achieved.

Overall, everyone had an awesome time representing the school, and were excited to finally get rewarded for all the hard work we put in when training.

by Andrew Hislop, Head Student

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