Tongan Language Week

16 Sep Tongan Language Week

Oku ou fie tuku ‘a e fakamalo mo e kololia ki he’etau Tamai ‘oku ‘i Langi ‘I he’ene tauhi mo e ‘ofa ‘oku fai ki he fanau ako ‘o Pakuranga College pea mo e ngaahi famili kotoa pe, neongo e lokalalo mo e mahaki faka’auha ‘oku tofanga ai e fonua.

Tongan Language week was celebrated in various households this year due to lockdown with the theme “Enrich Aotearoa with Holistic Education”: a very fitting theme given the situation we are in. Some of our students are at home with their extended families learning the art of cooking, helping with chores, learning to share responsibilities around the household just as much as they are learning to engage online with tasks given by their teachers. Holistic education involves not only the mind, but the heart and soul of the person and although lockdown can be frustrating, it has given everyone the opportunity to practice learning more than just what is taught inside the four walls of the classroom.

Amongst online activities for the week this year we were blessed to have Valerie Adams and her sister Lisa Adams to give us well wishes on the week. Ofa lahi atu.

by Toa Atiola, Maths Faculty

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