Time Out With The SKYCITY Breakers

22 Nov Time Out With The SKYCITY Breakers

Thanks to the efforts of three enterprising students, junior basketball players at Pakuranga College had the opportunity to take time out from their studies and shoot hoops with four members of the SKYCITY Breakers on Wednesday 21st November.

Rishi Kasireddy, Jon Dinglasan and Blair Truscott all entered a competition run by Flava Radio, to win a visit from the Breakers to one lucky school. Rishi, who won a VIP experience with the team, doesn’t actually play basketball. However, as newly appointed Chairperson of the Student Sports Council, she is taking her role very seriously. She entered the competition on behalf of all of the school’s basketball fans, saying, “I really want people to know about the amazing basketball programme we have here at Pakuranga College. It’s run by Josiah Maama, and he does such a great job!”

Josiah, who has been at the College for 7 years, said: “This was an amazing opportunity for our junior players, because it has given them a chance to learn from some of the best. It was great to get them exposed to some professionals, and take a few tips into their own game. They really enjoyed getting to hoop with the people they look up to and aspire to be.” He added, “Our basketball program has grown from strength to strength in the last six seasons, from 90 kids to 200 in 2017. It’s a family: we respect and care for each and every one of our members, and this shows in the way we play and interact off the court.”

Breakers players Shea Ili, Jordan Ngatai, Shawn Long and Tai Wesley were extremely impressed by the school’s new gymnasium. They spent an hour shooting hoops and chatting with the students and even stayed around to spend some time with students from the special needs Pegasus Unit. Shea Ili commented: “We had a great time at Pakuranga College. It’s awesome to see the love of the game there and the junior teams showed a lot of potential.  It’s always fun to get out and see the growth of basketball in the community, and how kids of all abilities just love having a shoot around.” 


by Roisin Lamb, Head of Marketing & Communications

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