The Light of Day

01 Jun The Light of Day

A shadow of light betwixt the leaves 

A scamper of feet between the eaves 

A flutter of wings as birds take flight 

To return to their nest for the night 

A lonely wanderer lost in shade 

Into the shadow, it slowly fades 

A glint of red fur, a black nose 

The fox leaps onto its foes 

Under the boughs of the great oak tree 

Lies a herd of rabbits three 

Asleep they dream of flowers and grass 

To eat once the night has come to pass 

Away in the air fly the leather-winged bats 

And under the roots, scamper the rats 

A friendly badger, a lonely owl 

Hidden away under a feathered cowl 

The moon sets; the sun dawns 

The creatures awake with a yawn 

Yet some go to sleep away 

To hide from the light of day


Jhanu Ragunathan


About Me
Either you know who I am or you don’t. Hi! My name is Jhanu Ragunathan. I am a listener who also enjoys making art. I’ve been immersed in the world of art since I was a child. It was and still is my safe haven because it makes me feel alive. Architecture, the music we hear (including the birds), literature, dance, painting, and drawing, and, of course, you all appear to be works of art. I call humans “art” because we all have an emotional strength that we express and that binds us together. As a result, art allows us to express our emotions without having to speak about them. I’m usually hanging out with friends, watching movies and TV series, or reading a good old book when I’m not making art.

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