Te Wheke Dance Experience

08 Jul Te Wheke Dance Experience

On Friday 11th June, senior Dance and Māori students travelled to the ASB Waterfront Theatre to experience the performance of Te Wheke.

Te Wheke is a powerful dance work from Atamira Dance Company, the inspirational collective that this year commemorated their 21st year as the leading creator and presenter of Māori contemporary dance. In this explosive new contemporary dance work, eight dancers and eight practitioners both tuakana and teina, explored the dimensions of human experience symbolised by the eight tentacles of the mighty Te Wheke.

Students have shared their experiences:


The Atamira Dance performance was a great experience, the dancing conveyed a strong message about the different aspects that make up our life. The movements used by the dancers were creative and used many of the different dance elements. It was interesting to learn of the creative process that the choreographers and performers used when creating their solos, they used many different techniques such as dancing in different creative spaces and learning about their heritage in order to come up with choreography. Overall, I think this trip gave us an insight into the creative process and different aspects that make up dance.

Bella White, Year 13 Dance 


 The show was a wonderful experience for our class to be exposed to many different dance styles and a great variation of props. The Atamira dance performance brought a new understanding of improvisation and was inspiring to watch.

Cassandra Celestino, Year 13 Dance 


The performance was interesting, especially with the solo sections throughout. The solo sections convey important messages relating to the tentacles of an octopus. I enjoyed watching how different each solo/tentacle was, yet how they all related together to create one important message. 

Year 13 Dance Student


The Atamira Te Wheke dance performance was an amazing, dynamic and creative piece of dance and art. Throughout the dance we are shown different aspects of important ideas on how to live our life through the different solos created by the talented cast. They used many different choreographic devices to portray their stories, such as levels, spacing, props and unique musicality. Overall the Atamari Te Wheke trip was a fun experience, which will never be forgotten.

Milan Gulati, Year 13 Dance

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