Tasty Tapas Unlock Spanish Internship

01 Sep Tasty Tapas Unlock Spanish Internship

Year 13 Food Technology student, Varick Evangelista, participated in an Australasian Tapas Competition on 22 August. He made traditional Spanish fish croquettas and presented them beautifully in a hand-woven flax basket. He smoked his fish in-house and served the croquettas with a zesty lemon aioli topped with a Kawakawa crispy skin.

Varick entered the open category, competing against professional chefs, and while he didn’t place, the experience of competing against working chefs was very rewarding. And these tapas are just the first stop on the way to an internship in Spain!

Varick would like to thank Ignite Colleges and The Skills Organisation Associate Vice President, Jasbir Kaur, for the opportunity to participate in the tapas competition, a scholarship to complete his Level 4 studies in Culinary Arts, and very excitingly, an internship in Spain. Thanks to E-Spain CEO, Angel Moreton, also for organising work experience in Michelin restaurants in Spain. Varick has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience with a lot of learning and wants to compete in many more competitions.

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