Swimming Sports 2020

11 Mar Swimming Sports 2020

It was a scorcher for both Girls’ and Boys’ Swimming Sports this year. The overall champions were Totara House, with Kauri coming a close second.


Swimming sports has always been one of the events I looked forward to. Not exactly because I’m the best swimmer, or because I wanted an excuse to get out of class for majority of the day, but because of the kind of energy and vibe created by everyone there. Since year 9, I’ve been at every Swimming Sports and have represented the red of Kauri as loud as I can. Coming to my final swimming sports this year as a House Leader was a whole new thing, being able to observe and appreciate everyone’s effort and enthusiasm. Everyone was cheering each other on, and pushing each other to do their best and take part for the team, and it allowed me to see just how important it is to encourage and motivate everyone to get to the goal together. Finally, ending off on first place looked like everyone jumping into the pool out of joy, screaming and chanting off together, and was one of the most rewarding sights despite being tied for First with Totara House.

by Gill Bulos Y13 Kauri House Leader.


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