Students Get Eye Opening Guide to the Possibilities in Technology Sector

03 Jul Students Get Eye Opening Guide to the Possibilities in Technology Sector

Students from years 12 and 13 went to the New Zealand Game Developer’s Meet-up on Friday 22nd June. The meet-up is an exciting opportunity that brings together professional game developers, students studying game design and other professionals with an interest in the area.

The students presented the latest version of their Virtual Reality sledding game, and shared some of the insights they have gained along the way. The presentation was well received, with many of the attendees, keen to try out the students’ game. This latest iteration of their game is much more complete and polished, with a updated release due to hit Steam very soon. Steam is a digital distribution platform, which offers digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking services.

Prior to the meet-up, students went on a tour of Computer Science departments at AUT, Auckland University and Media Design School, where they were able to see projects currently in development by students, and various facilities and the equipment available to students there. Ex Pakuranga College student, Rory Buchanan, was on hand to talk about the electric racing car that the engineering department is currently developing.

Students also got to try out the full-size motion capture facility at AUT. To see these technologies at work in an authentic context, the group visited Method Digital, a company currently developing a variety of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for New Zealand applications.

The day was an eye-opening guide to the breadth of possibility open to students as technology develops in this area.

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