Students Get Creative with Learning Habits

30 Aug Students Get Creative with Learning Habits

At the start of Term 2, Mr. Woodward’s Year 10 Art class was set the challenge of making an art work for the wall in the Hall Foyer. The class responded to this challenge by producing a ‘Learning Habits Mural’.

Each student selected a letter, drew it up on plywood, divided up the space and painted these shapes in the colours of the relevant Learning Habit (Strive, Respect, Connect, Reflect or Create). They then hammered nails into and around these painted shapes and wrapped around the nails with coloured cotton threads. The letters were then reassembled, stuck to a backing sheet and attached to the wall, just in time for Open Morning.

Next time you are passing through, take a look at their impressive handiwork!


Students pictured

Back row: Reece Naplocha, Jamie Gilmer, Neve Shorrock, Shae-Lee Laurence, Jessica De Kreik, Nidhi Mann, Hagan Priestly, Jess Eccles

Front row: Zana Clapham, Emily Cai, Annie Peng, Shine Lopez, Vanessa Bourke

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