Student Librarians

05 Nov Student Librarians

Most us take it for granted that when we visit the school library, everything ordered, well organised and correctly filed. However, this is due to the hard work of, not only our library staff, but a dedicated team of student librarians.

We’d like to thank all of these students who work hard every year to help make the Library such a great resource and a nice place to be:

  • Karen Lee
  • Madison McBreen
  • Keara Venter
  • Joyce Sim
  • Aaminah Ali
  • Hannah Wells
  • Pahul Parmar
  • Nijaya Senarath-Dassanayake
  • Mandy Ngo
  • Norah Lee
  • Bella Pham
  • Ellexis Go
  • Beth Cutler
  • Aveneet Kaur
  • Alice Liang
  • Jaden Klopper
  • Piper McCalman
  • Susan Lin
  • Qi Rong Song
  • Shavon Claassen
  • Natasha Munn
  • Joshua Kao
  • John Poblete
  • Kimberley He
  • Julya Yang
  • Tiffany Chan
  • Alissa Richardson-Impey
  • Monante Van Zyl
  • Oliver Lin
  • Charlotte Newman
  • Kadison Phillips
  • Salam Khalil
  • Zaara Ahmadi
  • Gina Gao
  • Kirralee Weerasinghe
  • Nyra Pithwalla
  • Amy Slogrove
  • Erin Kernot

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