Story Written by a Bot

30 Mar Story Written by a Bot

The “AI take over” cliche is a story that has been spread throughout the world. Whether our fault or the machines, we have always been fascinated by the creation of life, but right here and now AI can only do commands their masters tell them. That is what I have done today. I commanded an AI to write a story about a man who lives alone. Will it be good? Will it be so bad critics may have a heart attack? Who knows, but I know this will be a fun one so, sit tight and prepare for…

Benji is an adult pitbull mix 

I live alone. I have a dog. When I’m not at work, I like to go hiking, play volleyball, or just go for a walk on my own. My dog, Benji, is an adult pitbull mix. He is a really sweet, loving dog who I grew up with. Beniji is very smart. Often he is on his own in my house, so I don’t get bored. It’s a great way to keep me busy without worrying about being home. In the summer I go to the beach. We go in the car and he stays in our yard until I’m home.

I can’t forget about the other part of our family. I love my stepmom. She is the best mom and wife I could ever ask for. Her kids are the sweetest little kids I’ve ever met. They are fun. 

A few more ideas. Work on developing a basic strength program – this could include bodyweight strength exercises, resistance training, free weights, and equipment. Do some basic exercises that you can do on a stationary bicycle with dumbbells. Add in some core exercises – pullups.

That was it! I hope you really enjoyed it. It was a gripping story about a man living alone with Benji, his adult pitbull mix. Honestly, for an enslaved AI it’s pretty great. Out of ten, I’d give it a five. It wasn’t perfect, I’ll give you that, but it was entertaining. Until next time, this shall be goodbye.

Akima Culaton – Year 10

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