Stefan Lim Selected to Represent Student Voice

12 May Stefan Lim Selected to Represent Student Voice

Congratulations to Year 13 student, Stefan Lim, who has been selected by his peers to represent them on the Pakuranga College Board for 2022.

Stefan will represent the student body in his first board meeting on 16 May, where he plans to draw attention to the overarching concern occupying students’ thoughts at present – how to maintain a normal school life as much as possible as we enter our third year of the pandemic response – a topic that is also of concern to staff and the Board.

With experience as a member of the Academic Council, Cultural Council, Service Council, Interact, and Amnesty International, and as a college representative in hockey and football, Stefan knows first-hand how important the extra opportunities school provides are for forging friendships and finding your passions.

“I decided to put my hand up for Student Representative because I’ve been involved with so many different groups at the college. It’s allowed me to meet a lot of people and learn lots of different viewpoints. I thought this experience would help me represent all students well,” he says.

“My experience with co-curricular activities has been nothing but positive. I want to encourage as many students as possible to sign up for anything and everything that interests them and give it a go, especially now that we can again.”

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