30 Mar Statue


Nature in the summer season is full of bright colors – everything around is flourishing, the birds are chirping and the nature around me is shining! The sun is dancing in the sky. Fruits are growing on bright green trees and plants. Flowers are blooming with different colors and I can feel an amazing smell in the air. Its sun and shade. It’s water to wade. It’s frogs and bugs. It’s grass as rugs. Summer paints sunsets pink and tangerine. Some people are swimming at the beach while some are eating hotdogs on a bun! Shells, sandals and the seashore, sprinklers, picnics, and so much more!

After the long warm season goes, then comes Autumn.


I can see it in my eyes: Autumn leaves in paradise, softly glowing in my eyes.

Autumn leaves red, gold, and brown. They are falling, swirling, drifting down. People are walking around picking pumpkins, and juicy apples too! Swallows gather swooping up high in the sky. To South Africa, they fly. Autumn is the melody of a song. I admire the colors of the season Autumn. The Autumn forest was a colorful crayon box. From Far away I hear crisp… crisp…crunch. A little boy steps on the concrete filled with leaves. Foggy mornings are damp, cold, and grey. Shorter days, frosty and wet. Winter is round the corner, but not quite yet.

As Autumn passes by, Winter finally comes.


I was beneath the midnight sky, with glistening white snow covering me in the pale moonlight. It was like a freezer out there, I was cold and hard as stone. There was white fog everywhere, no birds chirping, no chatter, only smoke coming out of the chimneys. The wind was whistling and the clouds were crying. Snowy houses looked like birthday cakes, the beach looked like someone spread sugar over it. The snow was a white blanket over the brown grass. When the day got bright, people started to come out of their houses wearing scarves, beanies, and woolen jackets. They were playing with snow and building snowmen.

Weeks pass by and the snow turns to slushies. Here is Spring, with love to bring. 


People are out of their houses, mowing their lawns and trimming grass. The grass is green and the flowers are growing. Morning dew, birds are chirping. Daffodils and tulips dance in the breeze. Dogs are going for long walks. There are caterpillars on leaves blossoming into beautiful butterflies. There is laughter and chatter in the sunny weather. Strawberries, berry seeds and cherries grow and flourish. Violets and daisy blow with the rhythm of joyful spring. I can smell the wonderful fragrance of the flowers surrounding me. Everyone has a smile on their face, the Spring season has a new grace. 

Somya Khan – Year 9

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