Stationery can be purchased online through the OfficeMax MySchool Portal

Parents can purchase the majority of their students’ stationery requirements online at the OfficeMax website. OfficeMax will deliver stationery to your home for free if you purchase over $46 in one transaction.

With the OfficeMax MySchool programme, you can reward Pakuranga College just for buying the supplies you need for back to school or for your home office.

There is no limit on how much you can earn for your school throughout the year.


Local Retailers

Some parents may wish to buy stationery from a local retailer instead. 


School Stationery Shop

The school operates a small stationery shop during school days. This keeps a small supply of students’ stationery requirements for them to purchase during the year. This is open at interval and lunchtime on school days. It is not open before school starts.

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