Spreading the Skill of Sign Language

30 Jul Spreading the Skill of Sign Language

As part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, a group of Year 13 Business students has created a company that produces, markets and sells a sign language card game. We asked the team to tell us more about their inspiration and how business is going.



SLICNZ is a business that focuses on spreading awareness and educating the community on the importance of New Zealand Sign Language. We have created a product that gives New Zealanders the opportunity to learn NZSL through a fun and interactive set of playing cards. The inspiration behind this idea was mainly due to two of our group members working with special needs children who a lot of which are mute and rely upon sign language to communicate. In the beginning of their job they came to the realisation that they have never actually learnt or been taught sign language before this.

When considering that New Zealand Sign Language is one of New Zealand’s national languages, the fact that they had never been taught nor learnt any sign language was very disappointing, and decided that now was the time for a change.

While trying to promote this community, we thought it would be a good idea for us to get in contact with someone who has a known influence in our local community – Simeon Brown. We first had a zoom call with him where we shared our product and explained what we are striving to achieve. This then led to him coming to Pakuranga College to meet with some of our group members to not only share his advice and feedback, but also to purchase a pack of our cards! Being that Simeon is known for his marketing skills, we took his ideas into great consideration which we plan to put into place in the next upcoming weeks.

Here is where you can find out more information about us –


@slicnz on Instagram

@slicnzteam on Facebook

Keep your eyes out for what we have in store for the future….

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