1st XI Boys
  • Coaches: Mr M Dowdle
  • Manager: Mr C Daniels
  • Training: Monday 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (School Turf), Friday 6:30 am – 8:00 am (LEP)
  • Game Days: Wednesday
  • Grade: Supercity Premier
  • Draws: TBC
1st XI Girls
  • Coaches: TBC
  • Training: TBC
  • Game Days: Thursday
  • Grade: A Grade
  • Draws: TBC
2nd XI Boys
  • Coaches: Mr C Lawson
  • Training: TBC
  • Game Days: Wednesday/Friday
  • Grade: C Grade
  • Draws: TBC
2nd XI Girls
  • Manager: Ms. A Kaur
  • Training: TBC
  • Game Days: Friday
  • Grade: D Grade
  • Draws: TBC
Junior Boys
  • Coaches: TBC
  • Training: TBC
  • Game Days: Monday
  • Grade: U15B Grade
  • Draws: TBC
Junior Girls
  • Coaches: Mr J Grigg
  • Training: TBC
  • Game Days: Tuesday
  • Grade: U15B Grade
  • Draws: TBC


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