01 Dec Soup

Soup is nice. 

Soup is simple, but there are layers to it that can greatly increase or decrease it’s complexity.
Soup can be made from a powder sachet. 

Or a great big Michelin kitchen.

Soup is universal, everyone knows a soup. 

But lately, I’ve found my soup’s a bit off.
Maybe a bit too tangy, too salty, or bland, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Perhaps it’s been off all along and I’ve only just noticed now how…

_______ it is. 

Maybe it was when I found the pills were just sugar.

Perhaps the therapy and introspection have altered my perception.

Maybe, it was after I woke in the hospital after I scaled Mt Everest fighting rabies-induced-zombie-dogs controlled by an evil wizard. 

Perhaps my ability to measure out salt has been skewed, a little pinch… and another… did I add salt? 

The ingredients are the same, but perhaps they have gone off?

The recipe is unaltered, but perhaps I’ve been struck by a case of discomboblia (a disease I discovered myself, it’s very, very, real)

Perhaps I’ve been struck by an evil soup witch!

I’m going crazy, and my soup is the catalyst!




Perhaps I should go have some soup. 

Soup is nice. 


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