Smart Science for Sustainable Fuel

31 Mar Smart Science for Sustainable Fuel

Recently, the Science Council has been interested in sources of sustainable fuels. To aid our investigation, we explored the differences in the energy of two alcohols: Methanol and Ethanol.

While initially finding the right method was confusing, through discussion it was decided the best way to compare the energy of the two alcohols was to time how long each alcohol burner containing methanol or ethanol would take to heat up water from room temperature (25℃) to 50℃.

After many minutes of waiting, it was concluded Methanol produced more energy – 50mls of water was heated up to 50℃ in only 5 minutes 57 seconds whereas Ethanol burners took 14 minutes 47 seconds to heat the same amount of water.

Being able to plan and complete an investigation with members from the council was enjoyable as we all had the opportunity to share ideas on how to make the experiment work efficiently.

Cathy Kang – Year 11

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