Senior Biology Trip

05 Aug Senior Biology Trip

Tuesday 27th July was an exciting day for 13BIO students, who were presented the opportunity to visit Auckland Zoo.  Personally for me, I had never been to the Auckland Zoo before, so I was buzzing with excitement not just for this exciting opportunity to visit the zoo, but also to enrich my knowledge of the Human Evolution topic.

 When we first walked in, we were greeted by one of the Auckland Zoo staff.  He took my class to a learning area where we sat and recapped the human evolution topic – arranging and pairing the animals and hominid skulls.  We also got to look first hand at the tools which our ancestors used to survive.  My favourite thing from this was probably the fact that they had some real skulls that date back millions and millions of years ago.

After this, we had the freedom to around the zoo.  I got to see animals such as orangutans, baboons, elephants, spiders, cheetahs, red pandas etc.  One of my favourite things to see was the baboons fighting and linking this back to our learning about hierarchies that we are doing in class right now.  I also really liked meerkats, thinking they were super cute.

In all, it was a really good day and I enjoyed linking things out in the real world, to our learning in the classroom.

 by Trista Ly, Year 13

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