Self-Driving Car a Winner

18 Aug Self-Driving Car a Winner

Three Year 10 students, William Leader, Devaansh Gupta, and David Toman formed their own working group in Term 2, with a view to entering the Robocup Junior Online Competition 2022. They combined their talents in the fields of electronics, programming, and 3D modelling to create, from scratch, a self-driving car. They ordered the battery, circuitry, and ultra-sonic sensors from Ali Express and got to work in their spare time during Term 2.

The finished result was a model-sized car that can drive itself, without external input from an operator. The car is programmed to drive in a forward motion, but using its six ultra-sonic sensors (on the front, rear, and sides) it can sense obstacles and alter its course to avoid them.

After constructing the car and many tests, the group then set up an obstacle course and filmed the car completing it, altering its course as needed. A 5-minute video covering the car-building journey and result was then submitted as an entry in the Robocup Junior Online Competition 2022.

The team won the Self-Driving Car category, beating out 12 other entries from around NZ. The judges said:

“You showed impressive detail in terms of how you developed your car, and why you made your decisions. The addition of future planning and what you would like to do better was excellent.”

This is not the first win for Devaansh, who won the same category last year, with a solo entry which the team improved upon.

The team is passionate about building a future in technology, with Devaansh and William both wanting to explore software engineering, while David would like to get into the field of design and programming. Congratulations boys!

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