Science Week at Pakuranga College

04 Jul Science Week at Pakuranga College

On Monday, all of the tutors did a science-based Kahoot as an introduction to Science Week at Pakuranga College. During tutor on Tuesday, students made homemade holograms out of plastic cutouts which were a really fun hands-on activity that everyone got involved in. Wednesday lunchtime was possibly the highlight of the week.

Colourful and interesting experiments were run in JS3L by science club members and students were able to either watch or participate. Fire hands was one of the more popular ones, other experiments included a whoosh bottle, elephant toothpaste and a levitation fountain.

For Thursday there was another science-based Kahoot in tutor groups for prizes, and to conclude the week, on Friday balloons with science puns and jokes were handed out to students across the college.

Overall, science week was an educational and enjoyable experience for all of us, and we had a lot of fun.

By Abbie, Caitlyn and Karlson.

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