NZQA Scholarship Results 2019

13 Feb NZQA Scholarship Results 2019

Congratulations to the following students on their fantastic scholarship results!

Year 11

Kiki Su                           Calculus


Year 12

Benjamin Agnew            Physics, Calculus

Jeremy Ishi                     Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Statistics (outstanding)


Year 13

Sue-Lynn Leong            Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Calculus

Yuewei Zhang                Technology (outstanding)

Angus Zeng                  Chemistry, English, Earth Space & Science, Economics

Zoe McCalman              Classics

Henry Logan                  Design, Design and Visual Communication,

Dorothy Law                  Biology

Max Chen                       Statistics

Matthew Creahan         Physics, Statistics, Calculus

Eric Zhang                      Design

Chong Chuah                 Calculus

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