Rocket Lab Lands at Pak

24 Sep Rocket Lab Lands at Pak

On 11th September Project Engineer, Sam Bunce and Communications Officer, Murielle Baker from Rocket Lab, visited to speak to Year 11 Science students.

Rocket Lab designs and builds rockets to launch satellites for a range of commercial clients. These satellites are vital for a variety of functions, including telecommunication, weather monitoring and land use. Mr Bunce showed students a model rocket and explained how rockets are designed and launched to overcome the force of gravity and to ensure that they reach their intended location in orbit. He also described how Rocket Lab plans to go about recovering its rocket parts in the future, instead of them burning up on re-entry into the atmosphere.

The company is looking to employ over 100 people over the next year to help with their expansion plans. Rockets are launched from south of Gisborne, and they shared some of their launch and on-board videos with us.

The presentation was very interesting and informative and it fitted well with our L1 Mechanics topic, which has a focus on motion, speed, gravity and trajectories.

by Sandy Collier, Science Faculty


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