Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold

24 Oct Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold

If you’re thinking of going along to the Very Vintage Day Out at ASB Showgrounds in November, there’s good chance you’ll bump into Maniah Waihape (Yr 9) and Jacob Barnett (Yr 10). This might seem a strange place to find teenagers at the weekend, but then, these aren’t your average teenagers. Rather than browsing the stalls and taking selfies, they’ll be entertaining the crowds with their own special brand of rock ‘n’ roll dancing.

In fact, their dancing is so good that, although they’ve been dancing together for just a year, Jacob, Maniah and her friend Jade Jones-Amai (who attends Edgewater College), won gold at the City of Sails Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival Club’s Allcomers Competition this month. This is a qualifying event for the Junior Rock ‘n’ Roll Nationals, which take place in Invercargill later this year. They’ll also be competing in the Junior Club Championships in December to “practice their new jumps” (gulp).

I, for one, can’t wait to see them in action. So, I’ll be taking a break from hunting for vintage goodies at the Very Vintage Day Out, to say “Hi” and cheer them on. See you there!


by Roisin Lamb

Photo: Jade Jones-Amai (Edgewater College), Jacob Barnett and Maniah Waihape


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