Real-World Learning on 12GEO Tongariro Trip

14 Apr Real-World Learning on 12GEO Tongariro Trip

We began our exciting Year 12 Geography trip by meeting everyone at school on Sunday where we boarded the van en route to the Manowhenua Lodge in National Park. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, we arrived and hastily took a short trip to the majestic Chateau where we completed a short bushwalk, stumbling upon a beautiful waterfall. We settled into bed early awaiting the adventure that would occur on Monday.

Awakening early to a frosty morning, we all dressed in warm clothes and headed straight to the Tongariro Crossing and began our walk. Using our geographic equipment, which included an anemometer and a thermometer to measure soil temperature, we began recording our data at different points along the crossing. Our data included the windspeed, altitude, vegetation species, soil temperature, and air temperature at different places along the Tongariro Crossing such as the Mangatepopo Valley, Soda Springs, and the beginning of the Devil’s Staircase. Along the way, we had fun admiring the scenic views of Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe and the sweeping landscape. Following this, we also went to the Rangipo Desert where we observed strong winds and abundant lands of tussock. We ended today visiting the Ohakune carrot where we took photos and interacted with the park located behind it.

On Tuesday we headed back to school, but first, we rode the Sky Waka on Mt Ruapehu to enjoy a view of the whole study area. Overall, this trip has been an enjoyable time for all of us and has also provided us with an abundance of knowledge and data that will be useful to us in future internal assessments and exams!

Jordan Schuster – Year 12

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